SK Online Virtual High School

Who We Are

SK Online delivers online high school curriculum to students living in Oregon and throughout the world. We are an accredited program of Roberts High School, part of the Salem-Keizer Public School District in Oregon.

Our purpose is to provide online high school courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any student for any reason, including:

  • Acceleration
  • Remediation
  • Credit deficiency
  • Scheduling conflicts at his/her regular school
  • Medical or other considerations
  • Home school

Enrollment and Tuition

Students Eligible for Free Tuition

During the regular school year,* tuition is free for students who:

  • Live within the boundaries of Salem-Keizer Public Schools and
  • Are not enrolled in their neighborhood public school (or who wish to withdraw from it)
  • This includes homeschooled and private school students.

*Note: Tuition is charged for all summer school students.

Students Who are Charged Tuition

Tuition is charged for students who:

  • Live within Salem-Keizer and wish to remain enrolled in their neighborhood public school.
  • Live outside the boundaries of Salem-Keizer Public Schools.
  • Enroll in summer school, regardless of their area of residence.

SK Online - Online High School Courses for Students Everywhere!

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  • Courses are available to any student, anywhere.
  • Tuition: $265 per half credit course for Salem-Keizer students also attending another public school, and for students living outside Salem-Keizer.
  • Free for Salem-Keizer students not enrolled at another public school and for most private school students living in Salem-Keizer.
  • Salem-Keizer students wishing to enroll at SK Online full-time need a referral from their neighborhood school.
  • Find out more. Please click Registration Info for more details.

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Find Us

SK Online is located at the Roberts High School Literacy Center Annex:

2489 Phipps Lane NE
Salem, OR 97305

Near the McKay High School campus

Student parking is available in the north end of the McKay parking lot.

Practice for the OAKS Test (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills)

11th graders who take all of their classes online will be contacted to schedule an appointment to take the mandatory OAKS test. Private school or homeschooled students will be contacted to take the required OAKS exams in subject categories related to their coursework.

  1. Students can take the PRACTICE tests from the Oregon Department of Education website.
  2. Sign in as a Guest student.
    (Important note: the online practice tests REQUIRE students to use Firefox as their browser. Internet Explorer and Safari will not work. Download Firefox for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux here.
  3. If you are unable to access the practice test online, you can practice by printing out the .pdfs.)

2489 Phipps Lane NE • Salem, Oregon 97305 • 503.399.3205 • Office hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Chris Brenizer, SK Online Coordinator • Jason Weeks, Roberts HS Principal